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Cubs score on bizarre, missed foul ball call but fall to Rangers in extras on Opening Day originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

During the top of the ninth inning, Miles Mastrobouni swung and tipped a ball that snuck under Rangers catcher Jonah Heim behind the plate.

Michael Busch, leading off at second base, made a break for third base like it was a live ball. And then he started towards home. By then, he was sprinting full speed at the plate, diving and scoring the go-ahead run for the Cubs to make it 3-2.

Here’s the full play.

Heim thought the ball was hit foul. And he was right, it was hit foul by Mastrobouni. After looking at the review, the ball changes direction once Mastrobouni swings, indicating he hit the ball foul.

Unfortunately for the Rangers, Heim was pleading his case with the home plate umpire while Busch rounded the bases. The Cubs took the lead on that play, which was only made possible by an awful missed call by the home plate umpire. Foul ball calls are not reviewable plays.

But ball don’t lie.

Pinch hitter Travis Jankowski hit a game-tying home run in the bottom of the ninth to send the game to extra innings. And, of course, in extras, Heim walked off the game with a single into right field and the bases loaded.

Newton’s third law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Heim proved that against the Cubs on Opening Day with a walk-off single after giving up the go-ahead run in the ninth inning.

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