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Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow has changed up his look a few times over the years, going from long hair to shorter hair and then back to long hair. Right now, he’s rocking the Cillian Murphy look.

Glasnow looks almost identical to the “Peaky Blinders” star, who also serves as the lead actor in the upcoming motion picture “Oppenheimer.”

Some fans have long noticed the similarities, but with Glasnow finally healthy again and on the mound for the Rays, images of the pitcher from his start against the Rangers on Friday night ignited a social media firestorm.

It could be a big year for both men. With “Oppenheimer” set to premiere in July and Glasnow re-establishing himself as a critical piece for a Rays team that has the best record in baseball, it’s a good time to be either one of these two stars. 

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Here’s a closer look at the striking resemblance between Glasnow and Murphy, along with some of the best reactions from fans.

Tyler Glasnow vs. Cillian Murphy

Has anyone ever seen Glasnow and Murphy in the same room together? Fans are shocked at how much the two look alike. 

It doesn’t appear to just be a favorable angle, either. Even dead on, Glasnow and Murphy resemble one another, right down to their facial expressions. 

Some keen observers were way ahead of the game with these comparisons.

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Are Tyler Glasnow and Cillian Murphy related?

There is no relation between Glasnow and Murphy, though you wouldn’t know it from seeing certain side-by-side images of the two. In fact, Glasnow and Murphy were born on different continents. Glasnow is from California, while Murphy was born in Ireland.

Murphy is also 18 years older than Glasnow (47 to 29), though that age gap isn’t too evident from images of the two. 

Any baseball who fan who goes to see “Oppenheimer” after it’s released in July is in for three hours of trying to figure out why Murphy looks so familiar. Once Glasnow’s baseball career is over, a second career as a stunt double is right there if he wants it. 

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