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It’s common to see dark skies around Yankee Stadium in early June, but it wasn’t a thunderstorm causing the eerie scene in the Bronx on Tuesday.

The Yankees and White Sox both took the field under the smoke and haze from Canadian wildfires, which have caused much of the northeast to experience unhealthy air quality and ominous skies.

Tuesday’s game between New York and Chicago started on time despite multiple reporters noting that the conditions were far from ideal. Some even said the smell of smoke was noticeable before the game.

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There is a precedent for canceling games due to poor air quality. A 2020 contest between the Mariners and Giants was postponed with an air quality (AQI) index of 241 due to wildfires.

However, the AQI was 159 when the Yankees and White Sox started up on Tuesday. Evidently, MLB and the clubs were comfortable enough playing despite those conditions, which fell into the “unhealthy” category. Comparatively, the air for the canceled 2020 game was classified as “very unhealthy.”

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Though the Yankees vs. White Sox game started at 7:05 p.m. ET as scheduled, haze was still clearly visible on Chicago’s broadcast when Seby Zavala took Clarke Schmidt deep for a solo home run in the third inning.

You can see more images of the smoke-filled sky at Yankee Stadium below.

Yankee Stadium smoke Yankee Stadium smoke

The Triple-A affiliates of both the Yankees and Mets postponed their games due to smoky conditions on Tuesday night. So, questions remain about whether the wildfires will affect any Yankees games moving forward — or, for that matter, any other MLB contest in the northeast.

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