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A catch by Cameron Green to dismiss Shubman Gill was a matter of contention on the fourth day’s play of the WTC final at The Oval.

For context, the replays showed that Green, diving to his left at gully, had his index and middle fingers under the ball while attempting the catch but the zoomed-in pixels were too blurry to decide whether the ball grazed the ground through the split-finger gap or not. Then there was also the matter of deciding when Green completed the catch and how long he was in control of the ball while at it. TV umpire Richard Kettleborough went through numerous iterations of replays before ruling in Green’s favour, much to the dismay of Gill who wasn’t shy of making his dissent known on social media channels soon after stumps were drawn.

As expected, the Indian and Australian camps had a fair bit to say over the catch after the day was done.

Green said he thought he had caught it. “Yeah, I think at the time I definitely thought I caught it. I think in the heat of the moment, I thought it was clean and threw it up and obviously showed no sign of any doubt basically. And then it’s left up to the third umpire and he agreed, so yeah.”

The Australia all-rounder was also subject to chants of “cheat” from a section of the ground at The Oval but he put it down to “passionate” Indian fans who were ruing the dismissal of a crucial batter.

“Yeah, obviously the Indian crowd are so passionate. And yeah, obviously one of the favourite guys, Shubman Gill, got out and I think that’s what they’re all kind of looking forward to watching. So yeah, it is what it is and yeah, we move on,” Green said.

Alex Carey, with the gloves on, had one of the better views of that effort from Green and felt that the catch “looked good” and the “right decision was made” but Mohammed Shami reckoned that the third umpire could have taken more time to make his decision, especially given the status of this game.

“Yes, one could have taken some time, it’s the World Test Championship final, not a normal match that you let go,” Shami said. “It should have been checked better, zoomed in, but it’s okay, it’s part of the game.”

Ricky Ponting, on air, weighed the arguments of both sides but felt that the “correct decision” had been made in the end.

“When I saw it live, I knew it had carried to him on the full, but I wasn’t sure what the action was after that from all replays we have seen,” Ponting told the ICC. “I actually think some part of the ball did touch the ground and it is the interpretation of the umpire that as long as the fielder has complete control of the ball before the ball hits the ground then it is out.

“That must have been what the umpires’ interpretation was and I think that is exactly what happened… It carried probably six or eight inches off the ground then there was another action after that.

“There will be a lot of talk about it I am sure and there will probably be more talk in India than in Australia. Everyone in India will think it is not out and everyone in Australia will think it is out.

“If it had been given out on the field then I think the third umpire has to find conclusive evidence to overturn that decision and I don’t think there would have been conclusive evidence. The reason I am saying that is, even without the soft signal, the third umpire thought it was out.

“At the end of the day I think the correct decision has probably been made.”

India’s former head coach Ravi Shastri weighed in on the call too, saying: “The third umpire thought the fingers were under the ball, but the question is whether it rolled over after he completed the catch.”

Here how Cricbuzz described the dismissal in its ball-by-ball commentary:

Boland to Shubman Gill, out Caught by Green!! Another stunner from Green at gully? Gill is hanging around, the umpires confer and they’ve sent it upstairs to check for a clean catch. Oh this is tight. He goes one handed with his left hand, dives across, catches it but then his hand goes down and touches the ground because of the force of the ball. Did he have his fingers underneath it? The camera angle isn’t great when looked at from the front. “Fingers underneath the ball” says the third umpire when he looks at it. But again, this camera angle doesn’t look great. He’s made his decision. OUT flashes on the big screen and Gill has to go. It’s Boland who’s got him again as he continues hitting that good length around off stump. Gill gets forward to defend, the ball kicks up on him to take the bat shoulder, and a brilliant effort from Green at gully. The ball went quickly low to his left and he showed sharp reflexes. Shubman Gill c Green b Boland 18(19) [4s-2]

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