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At the start of April, many Apex Legends players were stunned to find their accounts had been reset and all of their levels were gone. Now, another bug has reportedly surfaced that is affecting premium battle pass progress.

Players are currently reporting that they have lost progress in their paid battle pass, or lost access to their battle pass entirely. As a result, players are either losing levels or getting locked out of premium rewards, with their game clients suggesting they buy the battle pass again.

Additionally, other players have been supposedly spotting certain cosmetics in their inventory that they did not unlock or buy, while others they did buy are now locked again. This new glitch is heavily affecting the current battle pass and multiple aspects of cosmetics, and is supposedly affecting hundreds of people across the player base.

This new glitch also comes two weeks after a massive bug caused players to lose account levels, legend skins, and Heirlooms. This bug reset accounts and ranked levels, forcing some players to jump into Rookie matches again and grind up to their original rank.

Although Respawn eventually rolled out a patch to fix the issues, it seems like there are still some holes the developers failed to patch. The company has not addressed the current bug that is supposedly running rampant on the live servers, but players should keep an eye out on any more updates on the team’s social media accounts. Considering Respawn fixed the account reset issue and also issued eight free Apex Packs to all players as an apology to the community, we’d advise players not to buy the battle pass again, as Respawn is likely going to hotfix the issue and restore cosmetics to their rightful accounts.

In the meantime, players might want to avoid logging into their Apex accounts for the time being, just in case the bug continues to affect the general population while the developers work behind the scenes on the problems at hand.

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