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Blizzard is bringing a bucketload of new changes to Overwatch 2 for the game’s fifth season, which begins on Tuesday, June 13. From cosmetics to new game modes, season five should have something for everyone.

For Brigitte fans in particular, a certain beloved furry friend will be making an appearance in a new cosmetic for the hero.

That’s right, after three years without a cosmetic featuring them, Brigitte’s beloved gigantic fluffy white cat Mitzi will finally appear again. This time, Mitzi can receive some well-deserved pets at the end of a match with Brigitte’s newest victory pose.

The Overwatch 2 team confirmed on Twitter on June 12 that this victory pose is in fact included in season five, and that players will be able to make Brigitte pet Mitzi. Since this cosmetic is a victory pose, however, you can’t pet Mitzi at any time like you can with Brigitte’s other cat emote. You’ll have to secure a victory first and enjoy the reward of pets afterward.

The victory pose will be a part of the season five battle pass, which now features a new way to enhance the progression experience. The newest battle pass also includes a whole treasure chest of new skins and other cosmetics with a fantasy/medieval theme.

The last time Mitzi was featured in a cosmetic was in Brigitte’s “Katt” emote, which shows Mitzi being picked up by the hero, the cat’s belly facing the camera. Mitzi meows and makes cute purring noises throughout the emote, highlighting the love Brigitte and the cat have for each other. This emote was released in March 2020, over three years ago.

Canonically, Brigitte is known as a cat-lover from childhood. In her intro story, released all the way back in 2018, we learn that some of Brigitte’s first attempts at constructing armor were done on the Lindholm family cats.

Aside from the “Katt” emote, only one of Brigitte’s other cosmetics features a cat who is assumed, but not confirmed, to be Mitzi. The “Mounted Combat” spray is another must-have for Brigitte mains or cat lovers who enjoy venturing into the support role.

To facilitate the best situation for receiving pets, however, Mitzi’s classic armored horn does not appear on the cat in the newest victory pose. But that’s all right since she’ll be done with battling by that point anyway.

Whether you enjoy chonky cats, cute cosmetics, or Brigitte’s lore and personality, her new victory pose will certainly be a bookmarked item from the season five battle pass.

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