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As part of the newly restructured Call of Duty League team agreements, several new inclusions focused on providing revenue and economic relief to teams have been added “to ensure the success and longevity of competitive Call of Duty.”

According to an official announcement from Call of Duty League general manager Daniel Tsay today, the CDL is “redoubling efforts” to help its franchises succeed financially. This is reflected in four major changes made to team agreements.

Those changes are as follows:

  1. All outstanding franchise entry fees will be eliminated and any fees previously collected from teams will be returned in full, injecting instant capital into all teams.
  2. Teams will earn increased revenue tied to the sale of their in-game merchandise, as well as increased revenue from the yearly Champs bundle.
  3. An increased existing event subsidy amounts for teams hosting live, in-person events such as Opens, Majors, and Champs.
  4. Teams will receive a two-year minimum guarantee of revenue to allow further investment from teams “with more peace of mind.”

This is a breaking news story with more details to follow. Updates will be added as soon as possible.

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