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Everyone knows chickens are the most essential part of Counter-Strike. Valve surely knows it, because the developer has introduced a game-changing, earth-shattering new chicken mechanic to CS2 that will change the Counter-Strike meta forever.

You could kill chickens in CS:GO. You could kill them with knives, you could kill them with guns, and you could kill them with grenades. Don’t worry, these are not real chickens. It’s all just harmless fun, we swear. In CS:GO, once you kill a chicken, it just vanishes without leaving a corpse. That makes sense because seeing chicken carcasses lying around would make the fun much more morbid than it should be. CS2 comes with an interesting and downright hilarious solution to this never-brought-up dilemma, though.

In CS2, if you kill a chicken with a Molotov or an Incendiary grenade, it will leave a roasted corpse, looking like it’s just ready to be stuffed for Thanksgiving. This will only happen if you use one of those grenades, however, and not a knife, gun, or any other grenade. That makes sense; you can’t prepare the turkey by blowing it to bits.

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Needless to say, the community has reacted overwhelmingly positively to this change, praising the cheeky humor Valve is prone to show within its games. Some fans even suggested turning the cooked chickens into a CS2 gameplay mechanic. Roast a chicken and consume its dead body to regain a low amount of HP. We never thought we’d use the word morbid twice in an article about Counter-Strike chickens, but yeah, this one calls for it.

CS2 is definitely a looker, as new map leaks have shown, but Valve is counting on much more than graphics to carry the game. We still can’t imagine the developers coming up with a CS2 feature that could top the burning chickens, though, as hard as they may try.

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