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The monumental June 6 Counter-Strike 2 update has fans digging through original beta release videos, and while many of the features players have picked up on in today’s update are new, this Deagle buff certainly isn’t.

CS2’s update mere hours ago brought in sweeping changes to the buy system and even tossed Mirage into the mix, thus removing Dust II in the process. However, only now are people noticing the Desert Eagle accuracy “buff”—a change that has actually been in the game since April.

Players in the community reveled in the changes to the Deagle via a June 6 Reddit post. The Desert Eagle in CS2 is now significantly more accurate compared to its CS:GO counterpart, with changes to its recoil. 

Now the Deagle’s first two bullets will hit almost the exact same position no matter how fast a player shoots. The other bullets will go flying elsewhere but in a tighter vertical cone as opposed to horizontally around the target. This change is a significant buff for the one-shot pistol.

Before Deagle-haters go shouting from the rooftops, there’s a certain caveat to comprehend. According to the original poster of the video, the main take away is the change in “recoil.” CS:GO’s weapon spread was built into the recoil pattern, whereas CS2‘s doesn’t.

The clip was originally uploaded to Twitter in early April, 2023. A no-spread setting was turned on when comparing the two, showing the varying direction between both versions.

The main changes brought about by the June 6 beta update included a loadout system players can preset in the main menu, and the ability to rebuy during the buy phase in case a player changes their mind or purchases the wrong weapon by mistake.

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Now, we’ll have to prepare for more changes as players receive access to the beta for a second time. Hopefully, Mirage will bring us more insight into the various changes in CS2.

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