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Marvel Rivals has created a wealth of excitement in a short space of time after it was officially unveiled and Asmongold has wasted no time choosing his main.

NetEase released a trailer for Marvel Rivals on March 27, showcasing destructible environments, an impressive art style, and a stacked list of playable characters—but there’s one who immediately caught Asmongold’s attention.

Sharing his thoughts on the Marvel Rivals reveal, as spotted by Sports Keeda, Asmongold took a liking to Magik and expressed appreciation for the character design by stating she looks “f***ing cool”.

It wasn’t just Magik’s design that caught his eye from the first Marvel Rivals trailer either, as he praised the team-up mechanic that will allow the likes of Hulk and Iron Man to combine their skills for a unique attack.

Magik is one of the main headline-grabbers in the reveal trailer for Marvel Rivals, alongside Galacta, and she’ll likely be familiar to those who played Marvel’s Midnight Suns or watched the 2020 New Mutants movie, where Illyana Rasputin was portrayed by Anya Taylor-Joy.

The trailer shows off Magik’s ability to transform into her Darkchylde form to dish out huge amounts of damage, which looks like it will make this particular mutant an extremely powerful option to play as—so it’s not surprising she caught Asmongold’s attention.

Asmongold wasn’t fully sold on the game’s premise, however, describing the gameplay as “really cheap and sh***y” and adding it “doesn’t seem that strong or good”. It is still in the early stages of development, though, so plenty could change before its full release.

No release window has been shared for Marvel Rivals so far, but fans can sign up to participate in the closed alpha, which is set for May 2025, though spots may be limited at this stage.

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