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It seems Epic Games has again failed to live up to players’ expectations when it comes to new Fortnite gliders, this time with Korra’s Air Glider.

Korra and her cosmetics are going live in Fortnite today, on April 2, as a part of Chapter Five, season two battle pass. However, once players got an early look at the new Korra’s Air Glider cosmetic, many began expressing their disappointment with its “stupid” animations. According to the leaked screenshots, the glider has default animations.

Many agreed the default animations don’t fit Korra’s glider at all. “Would’ve been sick for it to just fly in then you grab onto it, then glide like the ‘Batman’ glider. It’s just gonna look stupid now imo,” one Fortnite player pointed out on social media.

The Batglider works similarly to Wings of Icarus, which has your character lay completely flat when gliding, which would be more fitting for Korra’s glider. “I was so hyped for this glider man and this means if Aang gets his air glider it’ll most likely look the exact same animation wise too,” another fan suggested; Aang is also supposed to appear later during the season.

Several agitated Fortnite fans went on to point out it’s not the first time Epic Games missed its mark with gliders. The Shadow’s Bite motorcycle glider from the battle pass also has default animations, even though other bikes don’t. “Can’t they make the glider suit its real purpose? You ride a motorcycle not hang on to it. The arms and legs of the characters need to all be on the avatar glider not just the arms,” one player wrote and I think we all can agree with that. There’s no point in having a cool-looking glider if animations will ruin the design.

What’s more disappointing is players are not asking for anything new. There already are gliders in Fortnite that have suitable animations, like the mentioned Batman glider, or Ghost Rider’s bike. All we want is for Epic to use those animations on different gliders.

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