Livescore Sunday, May 19

The newest patch for Helldivers 2, Patch 1.000.203, just dropped in from outer space, and it’s a double-edged sword. While the dev fixed the new armor’s perk and some crashes are no more, Divers still must deal with several game-warping problems that endured the bug spray.

We’re no stranger to Helldivers 2 patches not completely fixing an undoubtedly complicated game, but this patch left much to be desired. Patch 1.000.203 offers a singular gameplay change—giving the CE-27 Ground Breaker its correct passive of Engineering Kit. Getting more grenades on the Democratic Detonation Warbond‘s signature armor is fantastic, so we’re happy to see this.

And that’s not all the patch touched on. Several crashes were fixed, from multiplayer-based connection triggers to ones that could occur when too many civilians spawned. The game was in a temperamental state after Patch 1.000.202, so it’s great to get these stability updates.

But perhaps more telling than what was fixed in the notes was what wasn’t. The Known Issues segment of the notes took up most of the patch this time. The Superior Packing Methodology bug that plagued the high-level Ship Module upgrade for the last two weeks is on the list. This Ship Module, costing 150 Samples, 150 Rare Samples, 15 Super Samples, and 20,000 Requisition Slips, is a gigantic money sink. For a good cause because fully reloading Support Weapons—including the bulky Spear and Recoilless Rifle—is huge during messy fights. But with this bug turning the Module off completely, many Divers who invested a lot in this Module can’t yet reap the rewards—and are down quite a lot of resources as a result.

Another big bug is the damage over time issue, where only the hosting Hell Diver can deal damage with specific debuffs. This causes one of the biggest draws of Patch 1.000.200, the extra Fire Damage from Enhanced Combustion, to be mostly useless unless you’re in charge. The fact that these two bugs remain on the Known Issues list is worrying. Something as high-priority as ensuring the newest Modules function showcases how crash-filled the last week of Helldivers 2 was. And this doesn’t even cover the most annoying Known Issues, like the Spear’s terrible lock-on and difficulties finding friends online.

These patch notes also don’t include any enemy additions or faction changes that Arrowhead likes to do in secret, as is standard for Helldivers 2. Be sure to watch out for any new foes not included on the patch notes—hopefully while crashing significantly less and dodging as many Terminids and in-code bugs as you can.

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