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Where there’s lightning, there’s thunder, and when there’s an April season in Marvel Snap in 2024, there’s Thunderbolts.

The villainous team-up is this season’s theme, and two new cards are joining the fray on day one in Baron Zemo, a classic Captain America villain, and Red Hulk, the evil, gamma-enhanced alter ego of General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. This season will highlight the upcoming MCU movie of the same name. Although that won’t be releasing until May 2, 2025, this season features some characters who will also feature in the film.

Here are the first two cards coming in Marvel Snap’s Thunderbolts season, with four left to come.

Marvel Snap April 2024 season pass card: Baron Zemo

  • Card stats: Three cost, five Power
  • Card text: “On Reveal: Recruit the lowest-cost card from your opponent’s deck to your side of this location.”

Unless countered by something like Cosmo, Zemo will always add more to your side than just five Power. And as a three-cost card, that gives him some pretty steady value.

He can slide into Silver Surfer decks with ease, but also will fit right into decks with cards like Dazzler, Ant-Man, Mojo, and any others that reward filling up your side of the board, since he’s two cards for the cost of one.

Baron Zemo is immediately available in the season three season pass.

Marvel Snap new Series 5 card for April 2: Red Hulk

  • Card stats: Six cost, 11 Power
  • Card text: “When your opponent ends a turn with unspent energy, plus-four power. (if in hand or in play)”

Red Hulk seems powerful on paper, but has a couple of pre-requisites to make him especially strong. First, he needs to be in your hand, and secondly your opponent has to skip some energy. It happens often in Marvel Snap, but not all the time.

Cards like Black Widow, Korg, Rock Slide, and anything that prevents card draws and may lead to the opponent skipping or not spending all their energy will benefit the big red guy.

Red Hulk is available this week in Spotlight Caches or the Token Shop for 6,000 Collector’s Tokens.

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