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Cindy Moon was a normal high school student when her world was flipped upside down after a bite from a radioactive spider, turning her into the superhero known as Silk.

Sound familiar? Well, yeah, because she was bitten by the same spider that transformed Peter Parker into Spider-Man, and now she’s joining him in Marvel Snap as the game’s latest addition to Series Five.

Available for 6,000 Collector’s Tokens, Silk is the latest Spider-Verse character to join the game, and she can be purchased and added to collections as an immediate boon to Move decks, following this season’s trend started by Ghost-Spider last week.

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Here’s the exciting new card joining Series Five in Marvel Snap today.

Marvel Snap new Series Five card: Silk

  • Card stats: Two Cost, Five Power
  • Card text: After ANY card is played here, this moves to another location.

Silk will make for a fun addition to Move decks, but she’s also just a really solid two-cost card that will find her way into all kinds of decks in the coming weeks. At five power, she presents really strong value, becoming only the second two-cost card with five power, along with Lizard.

Where Lizard loses three power if the enemy stacks four cards at his location, Silk won’t lose her power at all unless debuffed by the opponent. This makes her very strong at the outset, with a few caveats thanks to her card text.

Any time a card is played at Silk’s location, she will move to another location. This instantly makes Kraven a good play, since he’s buffed any time a card moves to his location. But she will have a really bad time at locations like Fisk Tower, where she’ll be destroyed.

With Silk, you can play around her ability to play to her strengths, or even just wait to play her out on turn six to lessen the chances that she moves to a location you don’t want her at.

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Marvel Snap’s Move decks will get another buff later this month when Spider-Man 2099 joins the game, bringing the Spider-Verse season full circle.

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