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Yellow Brick Games, the independent studio that boasts an impressive roster of former Ubisoft and Bioware developers, has finally revealed its debut gaming title: Eternal Strands, a third-person fantasy action-adventure game.

The official reveal trailer, which premiered on IGN First, features a sleek and stylized art style reminiscent of VALORANT paired with gameplay elements fans may recognize from Monster Hunter and Shadow of the Colossus. Led by Mike Laidlaw of Dragon Age fame, Yellow Brick Games first teased the action-adventure game on March 27 with a 23–second teaser trailer showcasing some of the early environments and monsters. According to the official press releases, Eternal Strands has been in development for four years before the reveal and is slated for a self-published release sometime next year.

Curious prospective fans can head to the official game website for more details on just what Yellow Brick Games has in store. Apparently, players will be placed in the shoes of Brynn, a spellsword trying to reclaim her cultural heritage—who is not a customizable protagonist, as some ex-Bioware fans might have hoped. The game follows her journey through the lost lands of the Enclave, which is filled with various monsters and titans to defeat. While fans will have to wait for more info on the specifics of the core gameplay loop, it seems it’ll primarily revolve around exploration and regrouping at a player hub to “consult with a rich cast of characters.”

Eternal Strands will also feature a “revolutionary new system for gameplay interactions,” where the magical abilities showcased in the trailer will react with enemies, the environment, the weather conditions, and even each other in a robust physics and reactive system. Given every surface will be climbable as well, Eternal Strands seems like it’s shaping up to be another wild and fantastical physics playground not unlike the building mechanics in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. 

The reveal trailer confirmed Eternal Strands will be released on PC via Steam, the Xbox Series X|S, and the PlayStation 5 sometime in 2025. For now, prospective fans can wishlist the game on the respective store pages of each platform.

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