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Out of all the new things Teamfight Tactics brings with Set Nine, one new change has led to three-quarters of the fan base collectively agreeing to go for it as soon as it shows up. This aspect of the game, which fans can vote for, is something that benefits all players, giving them the highest potential for a fun time.

With Set Nine adding a Region Portal instead of a starting unit carousel, players in the lobby can vote for a specific rule the game will follow. Then, depending on how many players split the vote, it is randomly chosen and implemented. This week, 75 percent of players have apparently decided one of these new rules portals is simply the best.

The most popular rule that has come out of these Region Portals, as confirmed by game director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer on June 5, is Jayce’s Workshop.

This popular portal makes every augment in that match change to the highest rarity, Prismatic, for every player.

This change allows players to get some of the best, or most risky, augments in their matches, from the Golden Egg to Think Fast. It also allows curious TFT fans to try out some of the new prismatic augments. Some of the more expected ones include all the Crowns for the new traits, but players can also try out brand-new augments like Parting Gift or Final Reserves.

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Apparently, the portal is so fun that 75 percent of players have been picking this specific Portal, according to Mortdog.

Some said this shows hypocrisy among the fans, many of whom hated the constant triple-prismatic games. They say it led to plenty of mediocre teams winning thanks to one strong augment. At the same time, those complainers also want to get prismatic augments so they can get the perfect one for their team.

In the end, despite the huge pick rate, Mortdog didn’t mention anything about nerfs for the popular portal ahead of TFT Set Nine.

Especially after the recent mid-PBE changes, this portal will likely remain the same until Set Nine launches on June 14. So, if you want to hop on the PBE and get that prismatic augment luck for the new set, just remember to vote for Jayce’s Workshop.

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