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Lifeweaver is on the docket for more tweaks, with Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller suggesting the title’s newest support will be getting major changes in the big season five patch coming later this month.

With Overwatch 2’s fifth season already just around the corner, players are looking forward to all of the new balance changes coming to the live service game.

Since it’s been confirmed there will not be a new hero coming in season five, the biggest draw in the impending patch notes—which the Overwatch developers began teasing on June 6 via a lengthy blog post—will be changes to existing heroes, including for the franchise’s newest character who arrived just a few months ago.

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“In season five, there will be quite a few changes (mostly buffs), coming to Lifeweaver,” Keller confirmed. “We’ll have specific details in the patch notes, but players can expect increases to his healing and damage output, a heal on Life Grip, a slightly reduced hitbox, and some quality-of-life changes to Petal Platform.”

Lifeweaver’s unique kit apparently makes him difficult to manage when it comes to the support role, where he’s outshined by basically every other character on the roster.

“Lifeweaver is a really dynamic hero,” Keller said of the new character added in season four. “Some of the plays people have pulled off with him during season four were pretty astonishing. However, he’s not powerful enough to be a solid pick for most players.”

The new Overwatch hero has already received a number of key changes since going live in season four. But the fight to make Lifeweaver a solid pick continues, Keller says.

“Previously, we stated we would like there to be a reason to pick new heroes over others in the roster,” Keller said. “This is still our goal for new heroes—we want them to bring something new to the table. However, at the moment, we are looking for the best way to bring Lifeweaver to a baseline. Once people are playing him more, we will get a cleaner read.”

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Keller said Blizzard can look into adding something o his kit if players don’t start utilizing the varied parts of it, which sounds like his abilities might get an overhaul of some kind, and that begins with attempting to make him stronger.

Overwatch 2’s season five does not have an official release date yet, but the current season’s live battle pass timer points to it beginning next week, on June 13.

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