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After identifying a strange new trading bug in Pokémon Go, Niantic is giving fans something to celebrate—better communication and a couple of nice bonuses to take advantage of.

The bug in question causes normal trades to be miscategorized as Special Trades if they involve Pokémon that were evolved in 2023. While waiting for a fix, players were simply asked to avoid trading those specific Pokémon.

The issue with this bug has to do with the daily limit on Special Trades, which are supposed to be reserved for rarer Pokémon such as Legendaries and Shinies. Unless there are bonuses in place, players are only granted one Special Trade per day. And because of the bug, some players lost out on their Special Trades by trading Pokémon they evolved this year.

Following the initial announcement of the technical issue, Niantic decided to make it up to players by increasing the daily limit of Special Trades during Axew Community Day on June 10 and for the rest of the season. The seasonal bonus will be buffed from two Special Trades to a max of four Special Trades. On Axew Community Day, players will get one additional Special Trade on top of the seasonal bonus for a total of five.

Despite the inconvenience from the bug, the fan response has been positive overall, with the company being praised for improved communication. While the jury was still out for some users, the bulk of players were impressed with Niantic’s fast turnaround from the faults. Other users were just happy to be compensated.

This comes after the company responded to the HearUsNiantic movement last month. Since the Remote Raid controversy began, fans have been asking Niantic to listen to their feedback to make meaningful changes and improve the player experience overall. 

With how they’ve communicated and handled this latest issue, Niantic is taking a small step in the right direction.

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