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Respawn Entertainment has fixed an Apex Legends account reset problem caused by an update today but many users who logged in before the fix went live remain impacted, with some reporting the loss of items, progression, and unlocked skins.

Respawn was alerted that players were losing their ranked badges and Heirlooms shortly after the April 2 update and weekly reset went live, with many also flagging significant loss of account progression. Respawn was quick to identify and fix the account-breaking issue, meaning it’s now safe to log in and play—but those who lost any progression or their items will need to wait just a little bit longer to have everything restored.

“We’re working on an additional fix to restore your accounts to their state before our update, and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready,” Respawn said in a short statement released on X (formerly Twitter). The issue was identified almost immediately after the rollout of the weekly reset with some attributing the loss of items as a delayed April Fool’s joke due to the poor timing of the bug and the launch of the April Fool’s update.

Apex players discussing the glitch on Reddit noted their account levels and items were reset to where they were at the beginning of the previous ranked season and the full launch of cross-progression, while others had their accounts wiped clean, losing hundreds of hours of stats. “My account lost about 100 levels; I no longer own the battle pass and lost all my Apex coins,” another player said after receiving the cross-progression prompt on login.

Today’s account reset issue is the last thing Respawn needed after a rocky month following the infamous ALGS hacking incident, which saw the North American league temporarily paused after fears hackers could access and inject code into players’ devices via Apex. Streamer Lululuvely put the blame squarely on EA’s shoulders following layoffs affecting the dev and quality assurance teams as far back as 2023. “Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if EA wasn’t such a terrible company and didn’t laid off the entire QA department at Respawn,” she wrote on X today.

While it is safe to play Apex without any fears of further loss of progression, many are playing it safe and avoiding the battle royale for the time being. Respawn has yet not publicly said how long it will take to restore any lost levels and missing items and did not rule out the likelihood of a total server rollback. Dot Esports has reached out for comment.

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