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Prominent CS:GO skin maker MultiH created his first CS2 skin on June 13a black, silver, and pink coating with several beautiful flowers for the Desert Eagle, which is one of the game’s most powerful pistols.

MultiH called his skin Sakura’s Blossoms and released it mere days after Valve updated the CS2 resources in its workshop on June 5, allowing skin makers to develop weapon cosmetics specifically tailored for the new version of the game. The Deagle skin MultiH developed is one of the first skins made for CS2.

Overall, the reaction to Sakura’s Blossom has been overwhelmingly positive and many players expressed their desire to see it in-game once CS2 launches. Skin makers, however, can’t submit their creations to the CS2 workshop yet, which is how Valve can approve and put them into the game.

“I would pay way too much money for this skin,” one player said to MultiH. “That’s the best Deagle that I’ve ever seen, good job,” another player wrote.

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MultiH has built a great reputation as a skin maker for CS:GO as 10 of his skins were approved by Valve and put into the game, including the AUG | Momentum, UMP-45 | Momentum, and FAMAS | Waters of Nephthys.

It’s unclear when skin makers will be able to submit their CS2 work for approval, but it shouldn’t take much longer since the game is set to release worldwide this summer, effectively replacing CS:GO once and for all.

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