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Dave the Diver released in 2023 and quickly became a fan-favorite, earning critical acclaim and winning over players’ hearts. Now, it’s finally available on Sony’s gaming platform.

The game became available on the PlayStation subscription on April 16. Those with PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium can download the game now and plunge into the action.

Dave the Diver first released in June 2023 on PC. In October, it launched on Nintendo Switch, and now it’s finally on the PlayStation consoles after months of anticipation from eager fans.

Despite being an indie game, Dave the Diver shook the gaming world by securing nominations for multiple awards. It was nominated for the Best Independent Game of 2023 at The Game Awards and Adventure Game of the Year at the D.I.C.E. Awards. It didn’t win them but received a BAFTA award for the best Game Design.

Those who have dived in know the game design is unique. The game has two phases, each posing different challenges. Dave the Diver players first dive into the seas and search for materials, from fish to pearls and all sorts of items. And in the evenings, they don their suits and run a sushi restaurant.

While the basics sound simple, Dave the Diver has a few complex mechanics that will keep you glued to your monitors for hours. If you have PS Plus, now is your chance to play the indie hit.

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