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Feeding in League of Legends is probably a term every player dreads, as the match quickly becomes one-sided when you realize the opponents can always rely on their heavily fed player to give them a significant advantage in teamfights. 

Being a jungler in low Elo, my biggest nightmare is to land in a League game where I find teammates who unintentionally feed enemy champions, spam ping my location to get my help, and shove the enemy in their lanes. But the gank usually just donates more kills to the enemy champion because they’re untouchable.

League players on Reddit trauma-bonded over their experiences of feeding a champion in League of Legends and stated reasons why is it so hard to keep them quiet. One player shared their experience of playing against a fed Zac and how the champion “has almost everything that you could want.” Through his passive Cell Division, Zac always has a way to come back to life if his bloblet survives a few seconds after his death. Along with that, the champion has active healing, good engage and disengage tools, and deals more damage than most tanks.

Another ADC player said trying to kill a fed Rammus was essentially the same as turning their attacks on themselves. Rammus’ Defensive Ball Curl gains bonus armor and magic resistance to any attacks, thus becoming a solid tank for absorbing late-game teamfights. With his ultimate and other abilities, he can relay a high amount of damage back to champions who are attacking him to gain a sizeable advantage in teamfights.

Other players mentioned a fed Garen, who can reach very high tenacity in most matches, making him almost immune to any damage.

While feeding an enemy champion is not a sure way of losing a match on the Summoner’s Rift, but it requires more teamwork and good item choices to defeat the enemy champion and win the match. Riot Games also introduced the player and objective bounty system in the ninth season, which allows players to kill these fed champions and earn enough gold to bounce back into the matches.

Still, seeing a fed champion that you know can counter your current pick will always be daunting.

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