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VALORANT Episode Eight, Act Two is coming to an end soon, but Patch 8.07 is bringing several bugs to an end with several fixes, including numerous bugs relating to the game’s newest agent, Clove.

While the patch is almost entirely bug fixes and small quality-of-life improvements, a singular agent update sees Omen get an important buff to his ultimate. VALORANT Patch 8.07 goes live today, April 16. Here are the notes.

VALORANT Patch 8.07 full notes

Omen ultimate, From the Shadows, gets a buff

Starting this patch, Omen is now able to pick up the Spike and open and close doors while in their Shade form of their From the Shadows ultimate without having to cancel. For example, Omen can teleport to the boathouse on Ascent and use the level to open or close Market door while in the Shade form, and can choose whether to cancel or complete the teleport after doing so.

This opens the door (pun intended) for Omen to use a ton of new tricks with their ultimate. Rather than break down the doors while attacking on Ascent, Omen can teleport past them and open the doors, giving the attacking side the option of closing them in their post-plant. But is it enough to appease Omen fans?

Chamber Trademark exploit gets removed

An exploit that allowed Chamber to place his Trademark trap in “unintended locations” has been removed. Previously, players could crouch and place Trademark high up on spots that were impossible to see or reach, and it would detonate when players would pass below. By using Chamber’s teleport anchor, these spots were even more outlandish.

Clove and weapon skin/audio bug fixes

A number of bugs associated with Clove have been fixed, including the issue where Clove’s corpse would sometimes remain upright after dying, the issue where Clove would resurrect without their primary weapon, and their head and arm hitbox issues caused by aiming sharply up or down or crouching while Ruse is equipped. Players are advised to report the upright corpse issue on the official VALORANT support site if it’s still occurring.

The audio bugs associated with the following skins have been fixed:

  • Glitchpop Classic
  • Prime Classic
  • Cryostasis Classic
  • Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster (G.U.N) Classic
  • Spectrum Classic
  • Elderflame Operator
  • Ion Sheriff

The complete full list of VALORANT Patch 8.07 changes can be found on Riot’s website.

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