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One of the stronger support items that has been added to League of Legends in season 14 is Bloodsong, which is taking over the bottom lane as one of the newest ways to destroy your opponents in lane and teamfights.

Built among the multiple new items added by Riot Games, Bloodsong is one of the five quest item variants that supports can choose when they’ve finally completed their 1,000 gold requirement for their starter item in League. It is meant for those who are looking to deal more damage in lane, while also enabling their lane partner and other teammates by boosting their damage against specific targets.

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If you’re hungry for more action as a support player, Bloodsong might be the right item for you when you jump onto Summoner’s Rift this year.

How to build Bloodsong in LoL

Since Bloodsong is part of the new support item system, players don’t need to spend any extra gold to acquire this upgrade. Instead, players only have to buy the World Atlas support starter item at the beginning of the game. After completing the support quest of 1,000 gold, you can choose to upgrade the item into five different choices, including Bloodsong.

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Bloodsong does not give any extra stats when compared to the regular upgraded Runic Compass base support quest item, but it does come with an extra passive called Spellblade. This passive acts similarly to Lich Bane, where your next basic attack within 10 seconds of an ability use will deal 150 percent bonus base AD physical damage on-hit.

Additionally, you will inflict any champion hit with Expose Weakness, which causes that target to take extra (12 percent melee/eight percent ranged) damage from all sources for six seconds.

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Be afraid of Bloodsong

If you’re facing off against a champ that can easily activate Bloodsong in lane, like Sona or Seraphine, you must be wary of how often they will activate Spellblade during a trade. Sona, for example, easily activates this passive since she must use her various Power Chords before auto attacking to activate their effect on an enemy. She will also have an increased incentive to trade with her lane partner since they will be dealing increased damage in every skirmish.

Seraphine is another dangerous enemy with Bloodsong since her auto-attack range is increased when her passive, Stage Presence, is active. Because her abilities are also relatively long range, she can activate Bloodsong’s Spellblade passive from a safe distance, while her teammates can dive forward and take over a teamfight with the bonus damage on a carry.

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