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Since Valve made Counter-Strike 2 available to a small portion of the player base on Wednesday, March 22, eager players from all around the world have been wondering when they’ll get their hands on the full release.

Valve, however, has been silent as usual since the start of the CS2 limited test other than revealing the first CS2 Major will take place in 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark. All the new information on features coming to the title had been leaked by community leakers.

Then, in classic Valve style, a huge update landed out of the blue on Tuesday, June 6, detailing the addition of weapon loadouts, the ability to buyback at the start of rounds, and the addition of Mirage to the limited test.

If you’re dying to know when you’ll be able to play CS2‘s full version like we am, fear no more. Here’s everything we know about the release date of CS2.

What is Counter-Strike 2’s release date?

All the official information made available by Valve is that CS2 is launching in Summer 2023. That is, however, as vague as could be. We assume Valve is talking about summer in the U.S. since its headquarters is located in Seattle. In that case, CS2 could release worldwide anywhere between June 21 and Sept. 23.

Some fans, though, are convinced Valve is getting ready to release CS2 no later than Wednesday, June 14 after it was leaked the developer is set to disable CS:GO’s long-standing exploit and vulnerability reporting system on June 14.

This effectively means Valve won’t look into CS:GO problems after that date.

It’s unclear whether there is some truth to this or if the Counter-Strike player base is just being hopeful at this point, so we’ll have to wait until Valve’s official announcement to know exactly when CS2 is being released worldwide.

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With the June 6 update dropping a variety of changes, as well as more Steam Workshop tools for users to create their own weapon finishes and custom maps, some have speculated the transition to CS2 may be coming ahead of schedule.

For now, all we can do is hope CS2 arrives sooner than later.

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