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NCAA Football: Colorado Spring Game

Colorado coach Deion Sanders responded to comments made by Pitt coach Pat Narduzzi, who has been critical of Sanders’ roster overhaul with the Buffaloes. Narduzzi said Sanders’ method of roster building is ‘bad on college football coaches across the country’ after Colorado has seen over 70 players depart from the program since Sanders’ arrival last winter.

Sanders addressed those comments in an interview with 247Sports.

“What was his situation when he came to Pitt? He had a different situation than me,” Sanders said. “He is not mad at me, he is mad at the situation in football now that allowed his best player to leave a year ago. He’s not mad at me, he’s using me to shoot bullets at another coach who he has an issue with. I don’t know who he is; if he walked in here right now I wouldn’t know him.”

Last offseason, Narduzzi was critical of the transfer portal after his star WR Jordan Addison transferred out west to USC to play for Lincoln Riley. Narduzzi, according to ESPN, called Riley multiple times to discuss potential tampering. 

“That’s not the way it’s meant to be,” Narduzzi told 247Sports last month. “That’s not what the (transfer portal) rule intended to be. It was not to overhaul your roster. We’ll see how it works out but that, to me, looks bad on college football coaches across the country. The reflection is on one guy right now but when you look at it overall — those kids that have moms and dads and brothers and sisters and goals in life — I don’t know how many of those 70 that left really wanted to leave or they were kicked in the butt to get out.”

Colorado under Sanders’ watch holds the No. 1 transfer portal class in the 247Sports rankings. The Buffs have had 50 commitments this offseason and the prized jewel of the transfer class is former five-star Travis Hunter. He is expected to play on both sides of the ball this season as a cornerback and wide receiver. 

Sanders said teams tried to poach Hunter so he would not follow his coach from Jackson State to Colorado.

“People offered Travis Hunter a bag, ” Sanders said. “About $1.5 million to try to lure him and buy him out of the transfer portal. But Travis is not the kind of guy that can be bought. He isn’t built like that. Travis is a relational young man that is built on relationships and stability. And that’s what he wanted and desired. That is why he decided to ride and stay with us.”

Shedeur and Shilo Sanders are joining their father in Colorado this season after transferring from Jackson State. Shedeur is expected to start at quarterback this fall after being the starter last season for Jackson State. Shilo was a reserve DB last season for the Tigers.

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