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The announcement of Jimmy Garoppolo’s new contract with the Raiders was delayed and pushed back by a day. Garoppolo said at his introductory press conference there was “no worry” about finalizing the deal.

It appears there might have been at least a little worry on the Las Vegas side. ProFootballTalk reported an addendum was added to Garoppolo’s contract that noted a failed physical with the veteran quarterback accepting the risks of continuing to play on an injury that could lead to a “permanent disability.”

Garoppolo was quickly called into action by the 49ers in 2022 when starter Trey Lance was injured in Week 2. During Week 13, however, Garoppolo suffered an injury of his own, ultimately ending his season and paving the way for “Mr. Irrelevant” Brock Purdy to lead to San Francisco to the NFC Championship.

Following the end of the season, Garoppolo signed a three-year, $67.5 million to join the Raiders. Garoppolo was initially supposed to be introduced by the team on March 16, but it was unexpectedly pushed back to March 17. Garoppolo, 31, said there was nothing to worry about.

“It was honestly talking, [contract] language, things like that,” Garoppolo said, according to ProFootballTalk.

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Here’s a look at that contract language that was added following his failed physical.

Jimmy Garoppolo failed physical

The addendum to Garoppolo’s contract gives plenty of insight into the concern Las Vegas has for the QB’s injury — and the severity of the ailment.

The addition to the deal allows the Raiders to cut Garoppolo at any point related to the addendum and eliminated his signing bonus, per PFT, which meant that rather than an $11.25 million bonus and $11.25 million salary in 2023, he will have all of the $22.5 million paid out as salary. Should he be cut, the Raiders would not owe him any of the deal. He also won’t be paid any of it until he passes a physical, according to PFT’s report.

The addendum was an important addition to the contract. The first paragraph noted that without it, he would not have been considered as passing the physical, and thus the team would not have allowed the deal to go through. His injury was described as being a “fracture of the base of the second metatarsal in the Player’s left foot.”

Garoppolo did not initially need surgery on the injury, and there had been some optimism about a potential playoff return. He had surgery in March after signing his contract with Las Vegas. But evidently, the injury has the potential to be debilitating.

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The new language in the contract explains that Garoppolo would need to waive the risk of further injury and any potential claims he could make against Las Vegas or the NFL if he further injures the foot while playing. It also noted the increased risk he faces in continuing his playing career after the foot injury.

Because of his injury, Garoppolo is said to be at risk for surgery, “loss of motion” or “permanent disability.”

“Player also understands that such condition has decreased his ability to play professional football and that continuing to play professional football may result in deterioration, aggravation, or re-injury of the existing conditions rendering Player physically unable to perform the services that would be required of Player by an NFL Player Contract,” the addendum read.

This waiver is not going to be part of his contract forever. The sixth section of it notes that if Garoppolo is on the roster two days after the final game of the 2023 NFL season, the waiver and release will be null and void. ProFootballTalk also reported the waiver would be made null if he passes a physical and is active for at least one regular-season game and doesn’t re-injure his left foot.

Garoppolo will be facing plenty of pressure in his first season in Las Vegas. He’s taking over a team that underperformed in 2022 in its final year with Derek Carr, and the division remains one of the toughest in the NFL with the reigning Super Bowl champion Chiefs and a Chargers team that continues to be on the rise with Justin Herbert. This new addendum further highlights the gamble Las Vegas is taking in hoping Garoppolo can be the answer under center.

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