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Michael Block rose to stardom after tying for 15th at the 2023 PGA Championship with a 1-over score. He has since reaped the rewards of becoming the feel-good golf story of the season.

But Block isn’t the only one that has benefitted from his success. So too has the PGA professional’s home course of Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club.

Block has worked as the PGA professional at Arroyo Trabuco in Mission Viejo, Calif. since it opened in 2004. As a result of the 46-year-old’s success, the course has seen a huge influx of interest.

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Just how much and what kind of attention is the club receiving? As its general manager, Matthew Donovan, revealed in a story with USA TODAY Sports. The requests are largely about two things: getting a lesson with Block or getting merchandise from the club.

The latter request is one that Arroyo Trabuco is trying to address in short order.

“They’re asking us do we have an online shop,” Donovan said. “We’re gonna probably set up an online shop for sales. We’re telling people we just didn’t know this was going to happen. Let us get up off the ground and get it together.

“We got hit by lightning, it seems.”

However, scheduling a lesson with Block may prove more difficult, as the PGA professional books his own lessons. As such, he can be “selective if he wants to,” as Donovan explained.

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Donovan also said that Block typically likes to teach junior golfers in order to “grow the game of golf.” However, Block himself offered a different assessment of his lessons — which cost $150 for 45 minutes — to CBS Sports’ Trevor Immelman at the 2023 PGA Championship.

“I haven’t accepted a new client in about five years,” Block claimed, per Golf Monthly. “I give a couple of lessons and I’ve learned that the people I give lessons to are the people I like to hang out with.”

“You know the first 10 to 15 years of instructing I would say yes to everybody because I was trying to put a dollar in the bank and raise a couple of boys and be home to my wife,” he added. “Now I’ve been fortunate enough to play some decent golf in the last couple of years and make enough money to where I don’t have to grind it out on the range all day long. But now I usually give about two to three lessons a week to people I love to be around.”

So, all that’s to say it won’t be easy for those hoping to get instruction from the top-15 finisher at the PGA Championship. That will be especially true if Block raises his lesson price after his 15 minutes of fame.

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Regardless, while Arroyo Trabuco has focused on trying to meet the demands of its patrons amid Block’s success, it also has taken a moment to celebrate his successes. The club’s restaurant has been packed as he has played at the PGA Championship and Charles Schwab Challenge, and that will likely continue as Block plays on the PGA Tour.

“We’ve become a big family around here. All the players and employees, we’ve all been around a long time and it’s no surprise to any of us,” Donovan told USA TODAY Sports. “Mike, we all love him and I think we’re all crying right now.”

“He’s just like a saint. He’s just a true friend with everybody he meets,” he added. “That’s just the way he is with everybody. The staff. The golf course maintenance crew. He knows some PGA Tour pros. He treats everybody the same way. He’s just so likable.”

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