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There isn’t much to critique Steve Stricker in his golf game over his career. Twelve-time PGA Tour winner. Seven-time major winner on the PGA Tour Champions. Ryder Cup captain in his home state of Wisconsin. Winner of many prestigious awards for his work on and off the golf course. The list goes on.

But his fashion?

That’s another story.

And his daughter Izzi, who’s spending more time with Dad on the golf course these days, did what any good teenager would do: Roasted him on social media in the most adorable way.

Izzi spent the weekend with Steve, serving as his caddie at the PGA Tour Champions’ The Galleri Classic in Rancho Mirage, California. During the event, she took a break to grade his wardrobe choices over the years. This included his hairstyle back in the day.

Steve Stricker’s daughter Izzi roasts her dad in wholesome video at The Galleri Classic

“We pulled up the archives and we got some brutal pictures,” Izzi, a Waunakee High School senior and Wisconsin Badgers golf recruit, told him at the beginning of the video.

First up was a picture of Steve sporting a mullet — likely from the 1990s.

“Is that a mullet?” she asked. “If you zoom in, you got a lot of hair back there.”

Apparently, Stricker’s good friend, Tiger Woods, was wondering the same thing.

“Tiger just texted me this last week and asked if I had a mullet,” Steve said.

Izzi likes that look, though.

“He still gels his hair like this in the morning and I think he gets memories of flashbacks,” Izzi said, as they both laughed. “That’s a good hairstyle. Overall, slick back, nice.”

At 57 years old, Steve said, “I wish I had it back there. Not much there.”

The hairstyle must have run in the family during this time. A photo of Steve with his wife, Nicki — who has served as his caddie for years — popped up.

“Now that’s a mullet,” Steve chimed in, as he and his daughter shared a good laugh.

Izzi approved. “Mom looks good,” she said. “She looks different, but she looks good.”

Steve Stricker’s fashion didn’t pass Izzi Stricker’s test

Steve’s fashion needed work.

Izzi, who won the WIAA Division 1 high school state golf championship as a junior and senior, rated his shirts on the next two photos. She gave them a “five” and a “two” on a 1-10 scale.

“Oh, God. Oh,” she said about one polo.

“What is that? Looks like a curtain,” Izzi said laughing.

A photo of the family, including a younger Izzi, was next, from a golf tournament. Izzi was in her mom’s arms.

“She was definitely a momma’s girl,” Steve said. “I could never hold her. But now look at us today (as they hugged). But back then, I couldn’t touch Izzi.”

Steve Stricker’s daughter Izzi caddied for him during one of his major championships last year

The two are inseparable these days and Izzi has been part of her dad’s biggest moments on the golf course the last two years.

She was there when Steve was an assistant captain of the US’ Presidents Cup victory in 2022 at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. She approved of his look at that event as they viewed a photo of the family together.

“You had some good outfits there, I remember,” Izzi said. “That was fun. Ten out of 10.”

Then a photo appeared of the two posing with the huge trophy that Steve won at the KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship last May, his sixth major championship at the time. Izzi had a role in the win as well. She caddied for Steve for the first time at the tournament.

“We matched that day, too. Remember?” Izzi reminded him.

“Definitely 10 out of 10,” Steve said.

Izzi one-upped him.

“Eleven out of 10,” Izzi said, smiling.

“Great memories of that one,” Steve said.

This past weekend at The Galleri Classic offered more memories for Wisconsin’s first family of golf. Stricker tied for sixth with Izzi on the bag.

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