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TAMPAUSF golfer Melanie Green will look to win number four on one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world.

“Just to step on the grounds that a lot of really incredible moments have happened throughout the world of golf, it’s going to be pretty special,” said Green, a senior on the Bulls golf team.

This week, Green tees off at the Augusta National Women’s Amateur. Since 2018, the competition has brought the top 72 women’s amateurs to the home of the Masters.

“It’s going to be an incredible experience and obviously do the best I can,” said Green.

Green’s selection also marks the first time a USF golfer has competed in the event.

“It’s an incredible leap forward for our program,” said head coach Erika Brennan. “To get into this event, it is such a special, short, list of invitations. To be among the elite in college is absolutely huge.”

But just because Green is getting ready to play at one of the most storied courses in golf doesn’t mean that she is taking her story too seriously.

“I also don’t want to psych myself out so much that I don’t go out and compete,” said Green. “At the end of the day it is golf, but it is going to be a little bit more than golf. But as of right now, the golf part is still golf.”

When the first round comes, however, Green knows the history and emotions associated with Augusta National will be felt.

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“I think that is what is so great about Augusta is that they keep that history, hold it close to their heart and make sure it stays that way,” she said.

It is also history that Green hopes to become a part of by Saturday.

“I’ve already made a little bit of history just being in the field. But yes, I would like to make a little bit more for sure,” she says.

Green tees off in the Augusta National Women’s Amateur at 9:21 a.m. on Wednesday.

Amazingly, after the final round on Saturday, Green will meet the rest of her team in Tennessee for their final tournament of the regular season.


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