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Ranger S

Practical, powerful folding electric bike.

Rating: 4.5


  • Quality Build

  • Foldable

  • Great Performance

  • Easy To Use


The Heybike Ranger S stands out as a strong addition to Heybike’s electric lineup, offering a heavy-duty fat tire-folding electric bike designed for lots of durability. With a pretty insane weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, this model boasts sturdy cast-alloy wheels, a wide rear rack, and standard mounts for a front basket, offering a lot of versatility for riders. I have been testing this bike since the summer, and love using it for getting around a local community. It would be a blast to use on the golf course, too.

The Ranger S bike is equipped with integrated lighting, front, back and also includes turn signals, giving you extra visibility and safety during night rides and also bad weather conditions. Add in a foldable design, and it’s lots of convenience and storage without compromising on performance, making this a compelling option for riders seeking a full-featured electric bike.

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Design and Build Quality

The Ranger S impressed me with its solid construction and design elements. I had a bit of a struggle with assembly at first. I didn’t see that a certain part went on top of another instead of behind, and would have liked the included assembly guide to be more clear, but this was resolved by watching a great assembly video from HeyBike on YouTube.

The design is modern, with a ruggedized, approachable feel. Unboxing it, you notice top-notch build quality and components.

Performance and Components

As far as performance, this bike delivers a solid riding experience powered by an efficient electric system. The addition of a brushless geared hub motor and a 48V lithium-ion battery provides more than adequate power for various riding scenarios. And you can ride the bike one of two ways.

In a traditional mode, you’re pedaling and the bike is using the battery to power the electric motor, assisting you. In the second mode, you can keep your foot pressed down and the bike will function more as an electric scooter. And you know how I feel about electric scooters. I liked being able to pick how I wanted the bike to function, and it kind of makes a separate electric scooter and non-electric bike seem redundant. There’s also an electric throttle on the right handle, and that’s the preferred way I use the electric mode on it.

Charging the bike is easy and quick, and the included power adapter instantly juiced up the battery. The digital display is also excellent and offers detailed battery charge and voltage information.

For power, the Ranger S features a 750W motor with a 28MPH top speed, 55 miles of range, and a max load capacity of 400lbs. This is a beast of an electric bike.

But it is a heavy one at over 70lbs, even though it’s foldable, so if you’re thinking of packing this effortlessly in the car or truck multiple times a week, keep that in mind.

Safety Features

Safety is important in any bike, but especially on an electric bike, and the Heybike Ranger S excels in this aspect with its excellent safety features. The reflective sidewall striping and bright branding letters enhance visibility from the side, making sure that riders are easily spotted by other riders or cars. The inclusion of front and rear lights also adds to the safety element during night rides or low-light conditions. You also have turn signals on the bike as I mentioned, though it’s on a switch to the left of the other controls and a bit hidden.

Riding Experience

The Heybike Ranger S offers a comfortable riding experience thanks to its fat tires that provide stability and traction on various surfaces. The suspension is very good.

And the adjustable handlebar stem allows you to customize your riding position for optimal comfort, though I also think this was a pain point in the assembly process for me. Once it was assembled, it was easy to adjust.

The bike’s foldable design absolutely adds convenience for storage or transportation, making it suitable for commuters or riders with limited storage space as long as you remember it’s heavy.

While the Ranger S may not offer the same level of agility as lighter electric bikes due to its weight and size, it makes up for it with its durability and versatility for a lot of different riding conditions.


The Heybike Ranger S offers a great option for riders with its strong build quality, practical design features, and good performance in tons of riding scenarios. And despite some drawbacks, there are a lot of innovative electronic features on this bike that make it very compelling.

With a price of $1,499, it’s at the higher end of the spectrum, but if you’re looking for a foldable bike with top performance, you most likely won’t go wrong.

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