Livescore Sunday, April 21

Leeds United were relegated from the Premier League at the weekend and will not play in the top flight next season. Leeds lost 4-1 to Tottenham Hotspur at Elland Road on Sunday, consigning them to the Championship.

Leeds‘ players could not even be motivated by the promise made to them by boxer and supporter Ebanie Bridges. In an interview with TalkSport she explained her plans for if the English team managed to stay up.

“Hey guys, if you stay up I’ll flash my boobs,” Bridges told TalkSport

“I’ll get in that locker room, pull my shirt up and flash my boobs or something like that.

“I’ll kiss you, anything. Whatever, I’ll give you a free subscription to my OnlyFans. Please Leeds stay up, don’t fu**ing disappoint me.”

However, despite that encouragement and cheering, Leeds United didn’t meet their target. The ‘blonde bomber’ lamented that Leeds United succeed, despite her encouragement.

“Not the result we wanted. However, it was great to catch up with the Philly Whites crew to watch the game in company while in Philly,” the Australian boxer commented on her Twitter account.

Ebanie Bridges‘ best efforts to save Leeds United from relegation proved in vain despite offering the team a series of explicit incentives that will ultimately go unfulfilled.

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