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Juventus have accepted a fine of €718,000 as part of a plea-bargain struck with the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) that brings an end, at least in Italy, to the sporting penalties for financial malpractice.

The verdict means that the club will face no more sporting sanctions in Serie A this season, having dropped from second to seventh after being deducted 10 points by the FIGC’s Federal Court of Appeal over their past transfer dealings.

Tuesday’s hearing between Juventus and the FIGC was to adjudicate a second separate sporting case motivated by a criminal investigation known as Prisma, which brought allegations of false accounting, false financial statements and market manipulation.

The first sporting case dealt with inflated player trading revenue and resulted in an initial 15-point penalty in January, which was suspended and then reduced to a 10-point punishment in May.

Juventus have always denied any wrongdoing and maintained they operated in respect of the law and accounting principles and in line with international football industry practice and market conditions.

Juventus’ former chairman Andrea Agnelli, who was one of 11 former Juventus executives accused of financial malpractice, did not enter a plea-bargain on Tuesday and will face a sporting trial on June 15 relating to how the club accounted for paying players during the COVID-19 pandemic. Agnelli is already serving a 24-month ban for alleged financial malpractice following the first Prisma case.

The verdict draws a line under the scandal and allows Juventus and the FIGC to move on without further sporting sanctions, such as the club starting next season with a points deduction.

It remains to be seen what bearing this might have on UEFA’s own investigation into potential breaches of club licensing and financial fair play. As it stands, Juventus’ seventh-place finish in Serie A would see them qualify for next season’s Conference League qualifiers. However, UEFA could still ban the club from European competitions.

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