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Mauricio Pochettino says he will be more restrained in his post-match remarks after publicly questioning his players’ maturity and competitiveness at Chelsea.

The Chelsea coach criticised his side after a 2-2 draw at bottom club Sheffield United last week and said his side were not mature enough to win.

But before their match at home to Everton on Monday, Pochettino promised not to express his frustrations at the possible expense of squad morale.

“I need to be more cautious with my words after the game,” he said. “It is a fact that we have a young squad but I think also I need to adapt to a different message. The message is to try to improve this week. I think we were working really hard to try to improve in all the areas. We were talking a lot but I think we need to be more positive.

“Of course we need to accept that [the youth of the squad] is a reality, but sometimes [I need] to keep my feelings and be more positive, because we have a really good squad. We need to support them and work really hard to help them perform better in the next game. I am happy in the way they were training this week.”

He added: “We are winners and we want to win. We came here accepting pressure but also knowing that Chelsea’s history is to win. Sometimes after 90 minutes when you don’t win or you draw like against Sheffield, you feel really disappointed and very frustrated and then you have to face you [media] and be calm.

“But I think there is still many things to play [for] and we need to be positive and think positive.”

Chelsea’s injury problems continue, with Ben Chilwell back in training ahead of the Everton match, but Enzo Fernandez and Raheem Sterling are doubts. But in keeping with the new positive approach, Pochettino preferred not to discuss it.

“It’s true that it is a special season for us [with injuries] but it’s so boring,” he said. “People know I’m going to talk about that. We need to accept the reality, try to be competitive. If something happens we have to take the positive that we will have young players who step up and maybe we will have a surprise and a door will open. It’s good for them to have the possibility to train with us.

“I want to stop talking about negative things. We need to be positive and create a good atmosphere.”

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