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It has been a wonderful few weeks for Manchester City and England attacker Jack Grealish, having lifted the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League, all for the first time in his career.

We all know that footballers stick to incredibly strict diets and exercise regimes during the season and for many of them, they carry that almost in its entirety into the summer.

Grealish is not one of those players. The former Aston Villa player knows how to party and how to celebrate his superb achievements, and has been doing just that since the victory over Inter in Istanbul clinched the treble for City.

He has finally joined up with the England squad that has some Euro 2024 qualifiers to play, but former Villa teammate Tyrone Mings has lifted the lid on what a night out with Grealish can be like.

Mings explains Grealish’s part appetite

When asked whether the England international must be all partied out by now, Mings said: “The only thing he needs to do is to celebrate at the right time and he’s just won the treble, so I don’t think anyone can begrudge him taking that hairband off and letting down those luscious locks.

“A night out with Jack is extremely wild. I’ve bumped into him on holiday in the past but I’ve never put myself in the position where I’ve flown out with him.

“I’ve seen him in action abroad and many, many times in this country and it’s impressive, if that’s what you’re into. It’s good to see footballers enjoying themselves.

“Football is just a reflection of society and nobody can come down too harshly on you for celebrating your victories. And City have won everything.

“It’s important to be yourself in life, whatever that looks like. It adds to the game and to the dressing room. It adds to the culture and the authenticity – and that’s a tough trait to come across.”

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