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Iga Swiatek is the world’s most dominant player in women’s tennis, and it’s not particularly close at the moment.

She has been the WTA No. 1 since March 21, 2022, marking 61 straight weeks as the top player in the sport. And with French Open wins in both 2020 and 2022, Swiatek looks every bit the overwhelming favorite on the clay courts of Roland Garros this year.

As Swiatek has continued crushing opponents in the sport, there has been an apparent side job popping up on the resume of the Polish 22-year-old: running a bakery. Particularly during the 2023 French Open, fans have begun talking more about “Iga’s Bakery” on social media.

And it has been picked up by more than just her fans.

What exactly is Iga’s Bakery? Here’s what you need to know.

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Iga Swiatek bakery, explained

There are many fine bakeries in Europe. Delightful shops that sell croissants, danishes, macaroons and other baked goods.

Swiatek doesn’t specialize in any of those, however. She hands out bagels and breadsticks to opponents she faces in tennis matches.

Well, not exactly. “Iga’s Bakery” is not a literal shop that people can visit. It is instead a reference to the scores of her unfortunate opponents. 

Bagels happen in tennis when a player is shut out in a set, losing 6-0. Breadsticks are what happens when opponents win only one game and fall in a set 6-1.

Swiatek has, of late, been active in handing those out to opponents. She gave a double bagel to Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in the Italian Open on May 12. She’s since handed out four bagels, one each to Cristina Bucsa in the first round at Roland Garros and Claire Liu in the second, while handing out another double bagel in the third, this one to Xinyu Wang.

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The idea of Swiatek running a bakery might be an amusing idea to tennis fans, but the star certainly has no interest in taking part in the craze.

“Look, I don’t want to really talk about that. I really get why people do that because it’s fun and tennis is entertainment and everything,” Swiatek said, according to Reuters. “But from the players’ point of view, I want to be respectful to my opponents. You don’t see the stuff that is behind the scenes – sometimes it’s not easy to play such matches and sometimes it’s not easy also for the opponents.

“I don’t want to talk about the bakery. Twitter can talk about it, but I’m just going to be focused on tennis.”

What is a bagel in tennis?

A bagel is simply a 6-0 win in a single set, named for the zero-game win total of the winning player’s opponent. A double bagel is a pair of 6-0 wins to sweep a best-of-three match.

Swiatek has handed out plenty of bagels in her career, but double bagels are considerably rarer — even for a player of her caliber. She has seven double bagels in her career, though only one has come during a grand slam event (her win against Wang). Swiatek has handed out 65 bagels in her career.

The record for most double bagels in grand slam singles tournaments is split between Suzanne Lenglen and Margaret Court, as both players have 14. Serena Williams, widely considered to be the greatest tennis player in the modern era — if not all time — has only four in grand slam singles events.

What is a breadstick in tennis?

Breadsticks are a bit more common than bagels — though are certainly an impressive feat in themselves. A breadstick is when a player wins 6-1 in a set, allowing just the single win by the opponent. A double breadstick means winning two sets 6-1, 6-1 to sweep a match.

Swiatek has baked 92 breadsticks in her career, including 10 double breadsticks and 14 bagel and breadstick pairings (6-1, 6-0 wins).

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