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A former superstar named three wrestlers as his dream opponents, and they are all currently in WWE.

Matt Cardona, formerly known as Zack Ryder in WWE, is a former Intercontinental and United States Champion who has become even more popular following his departure from the company in 2020. His wife, Chelsea Green, recently returned during the Women’s Royal Rumble match and is currently in a tag team with Sonya Deville.

A wrestling fan recently asked Cardona on Twitter who he’d like to face in any promotion before he hangs up his wrestling boots for good. Matt responded to the fan and listed off three WWE Superstars. He named Edge, John Cena, and Cody Rhodes as his dream opponents and tagged each superstar in his tweet.

Matt Cardona names Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns as Male Wrestler of the Year

Matt Cardona recently named Roman Reigns as the Male Wrestler of the Year for the Sportskeeda Wrestling Awards.

Roman Reigns has firmly established himself as the face of the company and is probably the most recognizable face in professional wrestling today. The Tribal Chief recently eclipsed 1,000 days as Universal Champion, and there seemingly is no end to his dominance in sight.

Speaking with legendary journalist Bill Apter on the Sportskeeda Wrestling Awards, Matt picked Roman Reigns for Male Wrestler of the Year and claimed that he is the modern face of the company.

“How could you not pick Roman Reigns? He’s the modern face of the WWE, undefeated for so long, and has been the champion for, oh my god, I can’t even count for how many days,” said Cardona.[01:26 – 1:38]

You can check out the full video below:


Matt Cardona has already made it known that he wants to square off against Cody Rhodes and noted that there would be a great story behind it. Only time will tell if he ever gets the chance to return to the company and compete against Rhodes, Cena, or Edge down the line.

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