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The WWE Draft 2023 was supposed to split the RAW and SmackDown roster. However, fans are still witnessing cross-brand appearances. From R-Truth to The Judgment Day, these stars and factions have appeared on the blue brand in the past several weeks.

Fans will most likely witness more cross-brand appearances on the road to WrestleMania XL. Even the upcoming Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event is set to see 12 men and women from RAW and SmackDown compete for the opportunity to fight for the red brand’s world titles.


As we look forward to the showdown in Perth, let’s take a look at the five superstars from the RAW who might show up this Friday on Nick Aldis’ show:

#5. R-Truth appeared on SmackDown last week

R-Truth is one of the most consistently entertaining superstars on the WWE roster. The former multi-time champion always catches fellow superstars off guard with his hilarious antics on television.

His inclusion in The Judgment Day is probably the best thing that has happened to the faction.

Truth was last seen on SmackDown a week ago when he approached Kevin Owens and mistook him for The Miz. He also asked the Prizefighter to go back to RAW to avoid Nick… Aldis.

Fans would love to see the comic genius show up on the blue brand this week as well.

#4. Drew McIntyre is a top act on Monday Night RAW

Drew McIntyre was one of the top stars of the blue brand. The Scottish Warrior had a great feud with Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Unfortunately, McIntyre failed to win the title at Clash at the Castle 2022. He was then moved to the red brand in April 2023.


Since arriving on Adam Pearce’s show, McIntyre has become one of the must-see acts. He was always great in the ring. He has become a great promo as well. His ongoing feud with Cody Rhodes might prompt him to visit his former show.

#3. Seth Rollins is RAW’s top champion

Seth Rollins’s last proper appearance for SmackDown was during the feud with Roman Reigns in 2022. They met at the Royal Rumble. The Head of the Table retained his title against his former Shield brother via a disqualification loss.


The Visionary could appear on the blue brand this week to confront The Rock and Roman Reigns. The three men had a heated back-and-forth exchange at the WrestleMania XL Kickoff Press Event.

Who knows, we may get the official confirmation on the rumored tag team match this week.

#2. Cody Rhodes is rumored to swap brands

Cody Rhodes has long been rumored to jump ship to RAW from SmackDown. This could happen as soon as this Friday.

The American Nightmare has elected to face Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Championship at WrestleMania XL.


The chaotic events of the scrum from last Thursday left fans wanting more. It is possible Cody could show up to confront The Rock and The Bloodline this Friday. If that happens, we might need CM Punk on commentary.

Speaking of which…

#1. CM Punk needs to be on commentary this Friday

CM Punk was one of the highlights of the WrestleMania XL Kickoff Press Event. The Straight Edge Superstar was great on the mic while providing his thoughts in the aftermath of the slap heard around the world.

Word on the internet is that WWE wants him on commentary amid an injury hiatus.


The Voice of the Voiceless is one of the best talkers in the industry. He could add so much more to the heated feud between The Bloodline and Cody Rhodes.

WWE needs to capitalize on the reaction Punk got for his work at the press event and have him show up as an analyst on the blue brand this week.

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