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Dijak has been one of WWE’s top heels for some time. He took things to the next level with his arch-rival on the latest episode of NXT.

Dijak has been outperforming his opponents for some time in NXT. He has proven to be one of the white and gold brand’s top stars in recent times. He is currently neck-deep in a rivalry with a 36-year-old WWE Superstar. That would be Joe Gacy.

Gacy faced off against Carmelo Hayes in a match on NXT this week. While Joe was dominant in the match, Hayes picked up the win with Nothing But Net.

Following the match, Dijak came out to beat down Gacy and put him in a straightjacket. He dragged the 36-year-old to the back with him.

Following the segment, Dijak took to X/Twitter to leave Gacy’s future in his fans’ hands. He wrote that he would throw the 36-year-old star in a river if his post got 10,000 likes.

“If this post gets ten thousand likes I will #ThrowJoeGacyInARiver. It’s a race to 10k.”

You can check out Dijak’s tweet below:

Fans will see a few matches between the two superstars in the coming weeks. Whether or not Dijak captures the NXT Championship in the future remains to be seen.

Dijak has changed his character really well in WWE

Dijak’s initial WWE NXT run had some notable performances. His work with Keith Lee made him a star. However, his main roster move was not as great as many would have expected.

After becoming a part of the Retribution faction, the NXT Superstar was washed down by the creative team. He became an enhancement talent and got stuck in similar bookings.

His return to NXT has been a good change for himself and the white and gold brand. Dijak’s new character works with his overall image, and he has made a mark with his current run. Fans can hope to see him get a much better push in 2024 and win a singles title.

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