Livescore Sunday, May 19

WWE Superstar Joe Gacy faced Carmelo Hayes during the latest episode of NXT.

Following the match, Dijak, who has been involved in an intense feud with Gacy, viciously assaulted him with his nightstick. He proceeded to retrieve a straitjacket from his bag and forcibly confined Gacy in it. Dijak then executed the Cyclone Kill with Gacy left helpless.

WWE has now released unsettling post-show footage, where Dijak can be seen dragging Gacy out of the arena while the latter emits an eerie and unsettling laugh.

Check out the backstage clip below:

Dijak later took to Twitter, posting a tweet stating that he would release the former Schism leader if the tweet garnered 10k likes.

“If this post gets ten thousand likes, I will #FreeJoeGacy. I promise,” he wrote.

However, moments later, he posted another tweet stating that he would toss Gacy into a river if that specific tweet received 10k likes. Presently, this tweet is in the lead with over 8k likes at the moment.

“If this post gets ten thousand likes, I will #ThrowJoeGacyInARiver. It’s a race to 10k,” Dijak wrote.

The unfolding situation between these two men will be intriguing to watch in the coming days.

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