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From Finn Balor becoming a challenger for Seth Rollins’ title to Damian Priest winning the Money in the Bank qualification match, The Judgment Day has a lot going on. With interesting storylines, the faction is on an upward trajectory. However, that’s not all for them.

While things seem bright, the question that arises is, if Balor and Priest win their respective matches at Money in the Bank 2023, what happens to the future of The Judgment Day? The answer to a question like that would be that a victory for both men could lead to the end of this dominant faction.

Since Balor interfered in Priest’s title match against Rollins, it is clear that there is tension between the two. This week on RAW, it was visible again. Despite faction member Rhea Ripley trying to defuse the situation, the look on the faces of Balor and Priest said a lot more.

So, if Priest and Balor win at Money in the Bank, seeing the former cash in his contract to face Balor and win the title won’t be a surprise. While this might cause an end to one of the most dominant teams in the WWE, it will also generate a lot of interest among fans.

Finn Balor’s interference led to tension in The Judgment Day

On June 5, 2023, Damian Priest was involved in a match with Seth Rollins for the latter’s World Heavyweight Championship. Priest had made it clear to his faction that he did not need their help and wanted to go and win the title on his own.

Despite the heads-up, Finn Balor rushed to Damian Priest’s help. The interference did not mean much, as Rollins won the match. However, it certainly angered Priest as his request was not adhered to. That night, the 40-year-old made sure to express his frustration.


However, that wasn’t the end. Even this week on RAW, before his Money in the Bank qualification match, Priest made it clear that he did not want any help. This led to disappointment on Balor’s face, and the tension was pretty visible.

Finn Balor will seek revenge against Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank

In 2016, Finn Balor was at the top of his game. That year, the Irish wrestler battled Seth Rollins at SummerSlam to become the inaugural WWE Universal Champion. While Balor emerged victorious, Rollins took a lot out of him in that contest.

Balor suffered a shoulder injury against Rollins, and on the RAW after SummerSlam, he was forced to relinquish his title. This has clearly played on Balor’s mind for a long time.

During his confrontation with Rollins this week on RAW, Balor mentioned how Seth Rollins stole everything from him in 2016. The Prince also made it clear that he would repay the same to Rollins at Money in the Bank. With the event approaching us, this is a bout fans will look out for.

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