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Drew McIntyre’s signature move has put countless opponents on the mat. The Scottish Warrior even used the Claymore Kick to win his first WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36.

Fans might be wondering how the RAW Superstar came up with the devastating maneuver. Truth be told, the origins of the Claymore are pretty hilarious.

Drew McIntyre explained the origins of his signature move during an appearance on the Broken Skull Sessions in 2020. The 38-year-old star told “Stone Cold” Steve Austin that he inadvertently modified the big boot into his current finisher during 3MB’s match against Ryback on the March 25, 2013 episode of WWE RAW.

“I’m running around in those 80s tight rock n’ roll pants and I was running to give a boot in the first match that I had in those leather pants, and as I was running, raising my leg for the boot, I realize ‘oh, these things are going to split at the crotch,’” McIntyre said.

The spot takes place at 1:19 in the video below:


The 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble winner said he had to kick up the other leg to avoid a potential injury, but ended up knocking both his opponent and himself out. He further stated that someone backstage asked him to do the same move without getting injured. The rest was history.

“I don’t want my crotch to split, so I kicked up the other leg, knocked out my opponent and knocked myself out at the same time. Like, I remember getting up, doing an arm ringer after I did the maneuver, let the arm go, walked across the ring, tagged out and fell to the floor because I’d knocked myself silly. Got to the back and someone pulled me aside and said, ‘If you can do that move without killing yourself you’ve got something cool there.’ And I worked on it, worked on it, and I used it as a part of 3MB as my big maneuver that I would use, but it was created because of those tight leather pants.”

Drew McIntyre gets huge shout-out from WWE

Drew McIntyre hasn’t appeared on WWE programming since WrestleMania 39, when he lost the triple-threat Intercontinental Championship match to GUNTHER. It was recently reported that his continued absence could be linked to his contract status.


The absence, however, didn’t stop WWE from wishing the two-time Slammy Award Winner a happy birthday on Twitter. The company dropped an image of the Scottish Warrior with his numerous accomplishments as the caption.

It remains to be seen when Drew McIntyre will return to WWE.

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