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Legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette has weighed in on Asuka being presented with the new WWE Women’s Championship on SmackDown last week.

The Empress of Tomorrow captured the RAW Women’s Title at Night of Champions. Since Asuka was no longer assigned to the red brand, she was handed a new belt by Adam Peace. It looks similar to Roman Reigns’ new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, except it has a white strap instead of black.

Speaking on the latest edition of the Jim Cornette Experience, the wrestling veteran questioned why Asuka was given a new belt. He also questioned whether or not there was still a SmacKDown Women’s Champion.

“[Adam] Pearce goes to the ring and brings out Asuka. Now here’s the thing, she’s on SmackDown but she was the RAW Women’s Champion. So Asuka gives Pearce the old RAW Women’s Belt and he gives her a new belt which he calls the new women’s title belt; not RAW or SmackDown but just women’s title. It looks the same except that it’s gold, not red like the one they just gave Roman Reigns, not Roman the other champion, Seth [Rollins]. So what the f**k is going on here? Is there a SmackDown Women’s Champion? She turned in the RAW Women’s belt so she’s just the Women’s Champion?” Cornette wondered. [0:17-1:09]


Jim Cornette on Asuka no longer being referred to as the SmackDown Women’s Champion; wonders what will happen to Rhea Ripley

On RAW this past Monday night, The Eradicator was also presented with a new belt, as she was named the new Women’s World Champion. Her title looks the exact same as Seth Rollins’ World Heavyweight Championship.

On his podcast, Jim Cornette wondered what would happen to Rhea Ripley after The Empress of Tomorrow was announced as the new WWE Women’s Champion. It’s worth noting that the podcast was recorded before this week’s episode of RAW.

“What about Rhea Ripley? She was supposed to be the SmackDown Women’s Champion right but she’s now on RAW… [Asuka] turns in the RAW belt on SmackDown because apparently she’s on SmackDown now, so they give her a new belt but they don’t call it the SmackDown Women’s Title they call it the [WWE] Women’s Title. Maybe Rhea can be the Universal Women’s Champion,” said Cornette. [1:10-3:57]

The WWE Women’s Champion is scheduled to defend her title against Charlotte Flair on the Money in the Bank go-home episode of SmackDown. It’ll be interesting to see who Ripley’s next opponent will be.

Do you think Charlotte will dethrone The Empress of Tomorrow? Sound off in the comments below!

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